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Bill Posters

It's like Uber, but for hamsters.

Does anyone else identify as a porpoise?

Anyone want to work on a spatially related c# project with me.

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We really need to stop using so much plastic, it's the glitter of the sea, it gets everywhere and bad for the poor old fish.

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@ninja have you followed me before from a different instance?
I feel you were definitely on my followers list in the past!

i'd love to be able to paste images on the clipboard into the 'new toot' window. It's one of the functionalities of I really like.

Love to hear an expert talk about where sits on the hype cycle.
I think it's peaking, it's got a lot of coverage recently.

See Interest over time on Google Trends for FinTech - Worldwide, Past 5 years -

@HeckTheCistem can you recommend me a good book on trans issues? I feel very uneducated on the topic and need to read a few good books.