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I kind of want to use this account/domain now.

I got 12 spam emails overnight, this is slightly ridiculous.

Almost all of it gets properly moved to junk, but still. It seems like I've been getting way more lately.

There's also only 59 users who have posted more than once, most of which haven't posted since 2017.

Considering there's over 3,000 registered users, that's not a great rate.

There are 13 people on this instance with over 100 posts, 7 of which have posted in the past month.

I've been trying to calculate the disk usage but the server has been trying to count it for like 20 minutes now, so that's probably not a good sign.

I'm debating if I want to keep running this instance. I'm not a great instance administrator (poor backups at best, never set up any custom emoji, etc.) and the server it's running on is really getting a bit overloaded with all the other things. In addition there's really only a few active users here. I don't want to hurt those active users though, but it is time and money to keep it alive. There's about 3 months until I have to renew this domain, so I guess I'll have to decide by then.

Touching Docker is always a mistake, it seems to always break in weird and undocumented ways.

I tried to upgrade Docker on this server, ended up getting an error when trying to start the database again and apparently I just had to delete that container to make it work again.

I should probably reencode this video at some point, that's a bit large.

(or maybe just delete it...)

Every time I work on it reminds me how much money I've thrown at furry artists.

(It's a lot)

SMD resistors are so cheap (like $0.005/ea cheap)

*buys way more than I'll ever need*

I spent most of the day today at the Gateway Arch for the 4th, it was a very long and very hot day.

Peak heat index of 106°F, and sunny essentially everywhere. Lines for food and water were painfully long.

Fireworks display was pretty good though, watching them through the Arch was neat.

So I bought one of these mystery boxes of electronic components

I wanted to be able to look up what ICs I have because that considerably increased my collection. I ended up writing a program that takes in folders with a markdown file and datasheet and indexes provided content and the datasheet to make everything searchable and produces a HTML file with all the info on a single page. It works surprisingly well, although I'm not sure if I'm ever going to use it...

I really want to make something like this...

Although I wonder if I could do a better base, it looks kinda flat/uncomfortable

Because it's so tiny and runs on 5V, I have some fun ideas for wearable applications of it :D

I bought a tiny thermal printer for $5 the other day. It hasn't arrived yet, but I spent a bunch of last night writing code to control it with an Arduino and my logic analyzer shows it should be working as expected. I've implemented a 5x7 font and QR code support so far. Now I just need to wait until it arrives to test it.

The module:

Whoops I ordered a ton of stuff from AliExpress.

*waits for the 10 packages to arrive*

Didn't watch WWDC and I'm installing iOS 12 and macOS 10.14, this is going to end well lol

@asonix I was looking up how to do something online and ran across a library you wrote haha

It's broken on Windows btw, probably because of os::unix::fs::DirBuilderExt

I've been attempting to learn Rust and it's ... interesting

Look at this amazing commission I got!!


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