A little course correction for anybody writing their tributes to the late Stan Lee today: Exactly who created Marvel comics - zak-site.com/Great-American-No

As Monster Magnet put it, "I was thinking how the world should've cried, on the day Jack Kirby died". For The Man, no tears here.

Everybody celebrating the 1918 /mourning the dead: @wcraghead has been drawing WWI day by day for over four years at la-grande-guerre.tumblr.com/ and he's still doing the Armenian Genocide *and* the Trump presidency. Go, look & follow!

Here's a weekend project for you all: Free Your Android! An easy starter guide from the FSFE - fsfe.org/campaigns/android/and

Poor job, Internet: News media's role has been reduced to disproving lazy-ass hacks' conspiracy theorist inventions - nytimes.com/2018/09/26/us/poli

I'm starting to think the Laurel/Yanny meme is the most apt metaphor for the contemporary political climate.

I don't get The Independent's content categories. Mark Hamill explaining the viewing order of Star Wars flicks is labeled "news", and Zuckerberg telling Tim Cook off is "US politics"? Somebody explain to me their editorial slant plz

I mean, seriously USA?


Well, with that cleared up maybe I can sleep.

As funerals go, @saintcav's was terrific and I think he would have enjoyed it. I was enormously happy to have been there and say my last goodbyes. I just couldn't get a last drawing together, so I gave him a postcard of this: hqrock.files.wordpress.com/201

Just read @stromberghanna's translation of my interview with @wcraghead, and it's *so good*. You really captured his voice, it's as if he became fluent in Swedish overnight!

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