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Just so you know, i can be found other places on the fediverse, too!



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Experiencing anger doesn't make you a bad person or a stereotype. It makes us human. Fuck anybody who says otherwise.

a quicc reminder that im mostly gonna be using my account over on


follow it for all the JS reverence and general fuckery you know and love here!


it's potentially silly but im gonna miss using this account

If something makes you really visibly horny... Show more

am i being bullied through feature creep?

I feel bullied as fuck.

when is it 'feature creep' vs straight up moving the goal posts?

these goal posts have shifted so far im starting to get dizzy.

or is that just from stress?

No way, im not a fool!

I was told that this functionality should do X!



Although sometimes i just kinda forget what im told. >.>

Im not a fan of following the mockup, only to find out that lo and behold, something's changed. Or wasnt communicated.

new mastodon feature: webcam support with face recognition, tells you if somebody smiled at your toot but didn't fave or boost it

(that's b/c i *sold* the CDs, they werent free 😝)

Me, K-8: anarcho-communist

Me, high school: anarcho-capitalist

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