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I think i figured out why i hate when white people ask "Is it okay to say the N Word in $context?" or "When is it okay for me to say the N Word?"

It's tantamount to asking "where is the edge with you?", which is the fucking *antithesis* of keeping it respectful with black people.

"When is my Holocaust joke just me being a shithead?"

@somarasu not being black, i guess there is some sort of curiousity about the word since it is so commonly bandied around, but my philosophy has always been to never say it ever. its history is that of a slur.

@wxl and i guess 'curiosity' is okay (to a degree), but -- and maybe my evidence is circumstantial -- ive never heard the question used or phrased in such a way as to garner any intellectual 'milk and honey' (so to speak)

it's always just been a hamfisted way of asking "when can i drop an n-bomb and NOT be punched?"

@wxl and i say 'to a degree' b/c it's not really that healthy a subject to research (at least for me).

i guess if you're an etymologist or a sociologist it's a lil different.

@wxl However, if someone were to ask me "when can i drop an n-bomb and NOT be punched?", my answer would be "probably not right this minute."

@somarasu needless to say you can count on me not to ask you anything like that. besides, i'd much rather hear about your thoughts and feelings on more important matters. like, your dreams and how much work sucks. :)

@wxl well hey, it's always good to ask questions :)
Just be mindful of the way in which it's phrased, i guess is my .
For example: i wrote a toot a while ago about how some old guy looked me up and down and was like "where'd you find that bike?", insinuating that i must have found it in a shed, thought it looked nice, and ipso facto, here i am. And how that's a long way off from "Where'd you get that bike?"
Same inquiry, different level of shade in response, yadadamean?

@somarasu aw come on don't tease i want to see it all!

Fixed? What gearing?

@wxl *non-visible blush*

im not running fixed anymore, just freewheel, although i do have a flip-flop hub for when the urge doth strike again.

im runnin' 46/17 (up from 42/17); just your bog-standard Origin 8 crankset.

It's an Americano Logan Square that i got on the cheap b/c i had an assload of Performance™ points, like $100 worth.

i'll take another pic when i lock up for work tomorrow. The lighting in my apartment is pretty minimal for Velospace-quality photos

@somarasu Steel is real! no shame in not being fixed, although I could wax on about its benefits. I settled on 67" as the ideal spinny gear— low enough to beat the roadies on the climbs. I love those discs!

Right now I'm mostly riding a cargo #bike that I have electric assisted, so I'm way on the opposite side of the spectrum (however: 20mph uphill with 200lbs), but I'm working on a belt fixie right now.

BTW I work in the industry. Holler if you have any needs and I'll hook you up.

Sick! Thanks a lot, fam! 😃
Your setup sounds awesome. I live in a pretty flat town at the moment so ive been able to get away with some pretty hilarious ratios; when i first started riding i had a Fuji conversion that a friend and i built with 52/15. My legs hurt just reminiscing about it 😂
One of mechanics at the shop i frequent (mostly for chat not repairs, although they did give me some tips on dealing with mechanical disk brakes) commutes on an electric assisted recumbent.

@wxl (cont.) i love me some cargo bikes: part chic, part utilitarian

@somarasu hah i've never been able to make the transition to bent. we used to manufacture one, a short wheelbase highracer with over seat steering. i rode it for a while and liked it but it's not a commute bike. not easily, at least.

re: the cargo bike, ours is freaking awesome. i'll get pix with the new mid-drive electric setup (still in beta) soon.

the belt fixie will fit in a backpack. and it will be stupid light. can't wait for that. the big thing holding it up is the polka dots.

keep the rubber side down bud :)

@somarasu yeah well in an age where peopole regularly communicate in acronyms, truncated words, and emoji, i guess eloquence is not a trait you see oft employed. that and stupid people are stupid.

i have been curious about it, but i don't really feel like it's something i could ask about without sounding like a buffoon. that and i don't think everyone feels the same way about it.

@somarasu i figured it out before you. The issue at play here is that people are people. Once you feel it's ok to divide people across the spectrum and associate people "differently" you begin to understand that the spectrum isn't the actual problem, you are.

@somarasu there is no appropriate context for it. i am with tenisi coates on that score

@monkchips As am I. My opinion on it's waxed and waned and changed but at the end of the day you cant really find an appropriate context

@somarasu yeah to be honest i rarely listen to music that uses the word these days. figures it's not written for me.

@monkchips @somarasu There are two appropriate contexts that will always exist.

1. Literature where the intent is to illustrate that the character uttering the term is distasteful.

2. In cases where you are instructing a young person on the term and why it should not be used. Saying "the n-word" isn't necessarily self-explanatory here.

That's facts.
I didnt wanna make it seem like there's NO CONTEXT WHATSOEVER in which you can say the word (regardless of the race of the speaker).
I think what i was alluding to, or what i tend to infer from those doing the asking, is that "there isnt one in which you can say it in a general social context"*

Like i wouldnt recommend it at the bar or like when a Bobby Shmurda record comes on at...anywhere that isnt your car.

*In my opinion.

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